Representing Trucking Accident Victims

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Pope & Howard P.C. is a leading Atlanta trucking injury law firm with years of experience working with accident victims. We specialize in fighting the powerful trucking and insurance companies to obtain fair compensation for their injuries. We represent trucking accident victims to ensure that their interests are protected in court.

Co-founders Marc Howard and Geoff Pope have spent years gaining respect in their field as they’ve gained experience handling even the most complex of cases. They are committed to protecting the rights of trucking accident victims and securing the justice they deserve.

Trucking Accident Liability

There are several aspects of liability in a trucking accident that must be considered when building a case to get a trucking accident victim the compensation he or she deserves, including:

Improper Signage

In some cases, a truck wreck may not always be the fault of the driver or trucking company. Certain roads have limits on the weight that trucks are allowed to carry, and others do not allow commercial vehicles like tractor trailers on them at all. Pope & Howard, P.C. has experience with cases of improper signage, and can secure compensation on the behalf of the victim.

Defective Equipment

All equipment on trucks must be regularly inspected for safety and functionality. In Georgia, there are specific regulations that must be followed in order to ensure safe operation. Pope & Howard, P.C. has years of experience interpreting these trucking regulations in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. We will conduct research on your behalf to identify the malfunctioning part that caused the accident in order to properly determine the responsible party.

Unqualified Driver

Many trucking accidents result from mistakes made by an unqualified driver, and any accident involving an unqualified driver is the responsibility of both the drivers and the company that hired them. In Atlanta and Georgia, strict qualifications are required to operate a large truck, and Pope & Howard, P.C. has the experience to investigate all licenses and qualifications to ensure that you get the maximum compensation for your pain and suffering.

Oversized Loads

18-wheelers are allowed to carry loads up to certain weight, height, and width thresholds. Georgia and Atlanta trucking accidents often result from these oversized loads being improperly hauled on highways and back roads. Oversized loads require a special permit, as well as flag cars in front and behind to alert other drivers to their presence and ensure that the vehicle does not pass through areas that are too narrow. If any of these things are not completed according to federal and state regulations, Pope & Howard, P.C. can secure compensation for accidents resulting from this negligence.

What Should You Do Next?

Pope & Howard: Georgia's leading nursing home neglect lawyers

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